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Source: Today’s Senior Magazine

According to Oncologist Julie Gralow, professor of medicine at the University of Washington and spokesperson for the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Studies have found that diets focusing on fish, vegetables and olive oil are best, eating fewer calories and staying away from “bad” fats like saturated and trans fats. Research has even shown a link between fewer breast cancer deaths and eating less of these fats.

So why don’t more people eat better with answers so glaring at us? It’s confusing. I don’t know how to cook fish properly. It’s too expensive to eat healthy meals. Well guess what? No more excuses. Now there is Papachino’s Grill & Greens. Awarded a 4 Star Rating by the SOCAL Writer’s Assocation.

Grilled Fish, Chicken, Steak & Vegetables. Serving fresh made foods that will boost your body’s power source for proper weight control, easy digestion, and a stronger immune system.


Received a “4″ star rating from Southern California restaurant writers association. 4 stars is the highest rating.

The Papachino’s Story

In February of 2005 at the age of 50, I was diagnosed with throat cancer. Though I had never smoked I had a tumor that was at the base of my tongue. It was stage four squamous cell carcinoma. It was found because of a routine Dr. Appointment for a lingering sore throat. Over the next 18 months I spent recovering from Surgery that eliminated approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of my tongue, 35 lymph nodes, my jugular, and part of my shoulder muscle. I endured chemotherapy and 35 bouts of radiation. I underwent speech and swallowing therapy, had a tracheotomy and feeding tube for the next 10 months after surgery. Radiation has destroyed my saliva glands so liquids are always close at hand. I dropped down to 150 lbs.

At time that I diagnosed, I was a successful corporate executive who was at 225 lbs. (55 lbs heavier than I am today) on lipitor to control cholesterol, had blood pressure over 140, and terrible allergies in the spring, I ate steak, fries and spicy foods daily. Literally. It is believed by my Surgeon that my diet played a big part in my health and cancer issues. When I began to eat again, I began to eat vegetables, fish and salads as they were easier to swallow. As things got better I was able to eat chicken and fruit. I began to gain some weight back and eventually gained 20 lbs. To my current weight today which seems to be my ideal weight.

As this was happening I started to gain strength and energy. As time passed my cholesterol and blood pressure came down in line, my springtime allergies disappeared. To this day I have not even caught as much as a cold. Since I have not changed anything except my way of eating, I knew that this was the direct link to my good health. All of my vital stats were in line and my immune system is stronger than ever. It became very clear to me that what we eat the majority of the time dictates how our body uses it’s power source to keep us healthy. By just changing my eating habits my body now has the strength to fight off colds, viruses, and even deadly diseases such as cancer cells, rather than carrying around an additional 55 lbs and trying to digest the terrible foods I was eating. Working in the food industry for most of my life I knew you can eat healthy without it costing you any more money than it cost to visit a drive through and slowly break down your system.

Kids, parents and grandparents all need a choice to choose to eat healthy without it costing any more to do so. Papachino’s was built on this premise and the simple revelation that I have lived. That eating with a healthy lifestyle will make all the difference in the world, and give our body everything that it needs to keep us healthy and strong.